How We Digitally Print

What is digital printing?

With this decorating method, we use state-of-the-art printing technology to place your full color design on glassware. The print is created with an inkjet printing system that is specially made to allow for direct-to-object printing on cylindrical objects. The system uses UV-cured inks to produce lasting and highly detailed prints on glass.

Are there setup fees or minimum order counts?

No, there are not! We don't charge any setup fees with our digital print decorating method. We also carry no minimum order requirements. Although we can use this method for larger orders, you can order just a single glass!

Can full color artwork be used?

Yes, we can absolutely use full color artwork in your printed design. We offer a library of selectable clip art images, or you can supply your own artwork! There are no restrictions on the the number of colors that can appear in the design. We can accept practically any graphics file type if you wish to provide your own art, although we do suggest providing us with art that is of sufficient quality and resolution.

Are the prints durable?

Yes, the prints are durable. Unlike decal decorating methods, this type of printing allows for the glasses to be re-used and machine washed. The glasses are pre-treated to allow for optimum ink adhesion. However, like most printing the mark is not truly permanent...with mechanical abrasion or with high wash cycle counts (typically into the hundreds), the design may eventually degrade. If you are interested in something truly permanent, please consider our engraved glassware.  

What type of ink is used?

We use inks that are specially formulated for usage with this printing machinery. The inks are cured via exposure to ultraviolet light within the machine during printing. UV-cured inks lead the industry in durability. They are also more friendly to the environment than traditional solvent-based inks.

What types of orders are best suited for digital printing?

Digital printing is optimized for small to medium sized orders where full color is desired. We can offer single glass gifts up to dozens of glasses for parties, events, weddings, or business purposes. Our pricing is graduated by glass count, so the more glasses that are ordered the lower the cost per piece!  If you are interested in very large size orders, you may wish to consider screen printing. That method allows for the lowest prices on very large bulk orders.