Ordering Information


The Basics
Everything on PersonalizedWedding.com is completely customizable. You can borrow from our design ideas, or you can "start from scratch" and make your own unique layout.
Everything we sell is permanently marked.  We use only superior marking methods, such as sandblasting, laser engraving, and pad printing.  Please visit our How We Personalize page for more information on our marking methods.

Prices are posted for each item.  In most cases, the product price does vary with the quantity ordered.  There are no setup charges....the posted price is the complete price for that personalized item.  

Order Forms

Ordering is easy and is accomplished via drop downs and text input boxes. For example, you would choose your font by selecting it from a drop down menu, and then would use a text input box to enter a message that you wanted engraved or printed.

We have design ideas for most of our items, and you are welcome to use any of those.  To view them, just click on the link from the product page.  If you wish to use a design idea, you can enter the design number in the Layouts Instruction box and then just fill in the other relevant information on the order form.  Or, if you wish to create your own custom layout, just provide us with all of your instructions using the order form boxes.
Please be very specific with your layout instructions.  We are happy to create any custom design for you, but please provide us with all of the requisite information.
Special Instructions
Every item has a catch-all Special Instructions input box. This box allows you to communicate any desired changes, additions, or requests that haven’t already been covered using the other order form input boxes.
Layout Approval
For all bulk wedding favor orders, we will furnish you with a proof via email showing the planned layout for your order.  We will only produce your order once you have finalized and approved the design.  For smaller "gift type" orders, we can provide you with a proof, but we will only do that when requested on the order form.  For small orders with straightforward layouts, we will move your order right into production unless a proof is requested.
Delivery Timeline
We produce and ship orders very quickly.   Small orders will normally ship out within 3 business days of order placement.  Large bulk orders of wedding favors will take longer.  Please note that shipping transit time also applies.  For Ground shipments, it will take 1-5 business days (depending on your location) for orders to transit after they leave our facility.
We are happy to honor deadlines, but we can only do that if the information is communicated to us.  If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know.  We can't take responsibility for deadlines if we are not made aware of them.
Glass Quality
We use only full size, restaurant-quality glassware for our glass orders, and there is a difference. Almost all of our blank glass is produced domestically by Libbey Glass. A photo and description of each glass type can be found on the individual product pages.
Using Your Own Art or Logo
We can certainly take your own art and use it in your design.  We can accept most graphic file formats, to include jpeg, bmp, pdf, doc, and eps. Single color images (with no shading) work best. However, if you send us a color or greyscale image we will manipulate it with our software to achieve the best appearance. Most items allow for art upload directly through an option at the bottom of the order form....or, you also email us the artwork at Info@PersonalizedWedding.com.
Using Our Clip Art
We can engrave designs and images with perfect precision, and art is part of many of the designs we have created. Should you wish to put clip art in a design of your own, there are links on the order page for each item that will display some of our most popular clip art. Select from over 500 graphics!  Just click on the "Choose A Graphic" button on the order page, and select your desired graphic.  Once you've clicked on your desired graphic, it will automatically be added into your order.  Multiple graphics may be selected, but they need to be added one at a time.  Please be specific with your layout instructions (so that we know where to put the text in relation to the clip art, etc). We have thousands of clip art images, so if you are looking for something besides what is on these sample pages we can almost certainly accommodate you. Please just describe what you want on the order form… or, if it is something really unusual, you are welcome to inquire with us first.



We permanently mark our products using only the best methods, such as sandblasting, laser engraving, and color pad printing.  No peel-and-stick labels here!

Ordering Information

All of our products are completely customizable.  We have created a number of unique design ideas that can be used, or you can "start from scratch" and create your own design!  We can even accept your own artwork.  For more on the ordering process, please click below.



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