Sandblasted Engraving Engraved Glass Example Laser Engraving

How do you engrave the glassware?
Everything we sell is permanently engraved or printed...we do not use stickers to personalize any of our items. We use only the best production methods to produce fine custom products. A description of each method is below.

How does sandblasting work?

Sandblasting is the optimum method for marking glassware, as well as other hard materials such as rocks and some metals. The sandblasted method produces an engraving that is superior to other engraving methods, and it also allows for full flexibility with designs.

During the sandblasting process, a film mask is created for each individual item. These masks are hand applied onto the product, which is then taped off. The prepared item is then placed into a sandblasting cabinet and hand blasted with a stream of high pressure air and abrasive. The exposed parts of the product are carved away, leaving a permanent and even engraving.

Laser Engraving

Our laser engravers are ideal for marking materials such as wood, marble, acrylic, and some coated metals. The lasers are computer controlled, allowing for extremely detailed and accurate product markings. The laser achieves its engraving mark with heat. The beam passes through a combining lens, producing an extremely precise hot focal point. The computer controls the motion of that focal point, burning a permanent mark into the product surface below.

Pad Printing

We use pad printers to produce vibrant color markings on many of our products. This type of printing is ideal for marking paper, cardboard, and fabric products.

We laser etch special plates with the design to be printed. Special high quality inks are used that will adhere to the product surface. The ink is transferred to the product via the pad. Ink is shuttled over the laser etch to fill it, and then the pad picks up the ink. The pad then moves into position over the product, and transfers the ink by stamping down onto the item.


We permanently mark our products using only the best methods, such as sandblasting, laser engraving, and color pad printing.  No peel-and-stick labels here!

Ordering Information

All of our products are completely customizable.  We have created a number of unique design ideas that can be used, or you can "start from scratch" and create your own design!  We can even accept your own artwork.  For more on the ordering process, please click below.



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